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School Holiday Activities

Let the School Holidays Begin….

The school holidays are upon us again, yes, already! School holidays are different for each family. Some parents do not get time off, so it is routines as usual. Some parents stay home with the children for 2 WEEKS, which can be full of ups and downs! For all of us, this time comes with its different challenges, both positive and negative.

What I have learned, as a parent and teacher, is that 99% of the time, well planned time is 99% more positive. Have a plan. It does not have to be a detailed, perfectly timed plan (unless that’s your thing). Try to have one thing each day that is focused on the kids. Let them choose from a list or fill up the calendar for the holidays in advance, whatever works for your family. Kids like to know what to expect and they LOVE to know that it involves something fun for them.

I have come up a few ideas below to will start your list. A lot of these ideas will also keep little minds active during this time away from the classroom. Learning when you don’t even know it is the best kind of learning! Read more to get a little holiday inspiration…

What do dinners look like in your home???

What do dinners look like in your home?   

Small families of three, like mine, where dinners are usually quiet and always early. We all sit at our roundtable, with a game of high/low (best and worst of the day) which usually ends in laughter or serious conversations.

Large families, with six children under 10, where dinners are definitely not quiet… lots of giggles, sometimes tears, usually some food on the floor and if the kids are lucky- dessert!

Extended families, with grown children, their partners, and all the grandchildren…. laughing, talking, singing and sometimes, dancing.

Newlywed couples, late night dinners with music, wine, endless banter and laughter…time spent planning and dreaming.