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What do dinners look like in your home???

What do dinners look like in your home?   

Small families of three, like mine, where dinners are usually quiet and always early. We all sit at our roundtable, with a game of high/low (best and worst of the day) which usually ends in laughter or serious conversations.

Large families, with six children under 10, where dinners are definitely not quiet… lots of giggles, sometimes tears, usually some food on the floor and if the kids are lucky- dessert!

Extended families, with grown children, their partners, and all the grandchildren…. laughing, talking, singing and sometimes, dancing.

Newlywed couples, late night dinners with music, wine, endless banter and laughter…time spent planning and dreaming.

No matter how your family dinners look, these are the important times. These are the times that make our life and feed our souls. Real life, real food, with all of your people.

As life gets too busy these times seem to be the first to go. They turn into fast food and time spent on devices. Excuses why NOT to have friends and family around because it’s too time-consuming. People’s lives in our modern society are missing something – Balance.

Our lives are busy, we need convenience to buy time in a life that can often be time-poor. That convenience often comes with sacrifice; whether it be your health or everyday human connections and interactions with your people.

At Balance Foods Co. our ambition is to give you back your time so you can use it better. We offer ease and convenience without the sacrifice. We believe balance in our planet starts at home. Balanced, healthy fuel for our mind and body. Work/life balance to allow time to be present. As a new mother I was often given this advice, ‘you must care for yourself to be able to properly care for your child.’  I believe this advice should be considered on a larger scale, you must care for your family unit (no matter what that looks like) to care for, and create a generation who cares for our planet.

Let’s bring back balance to our family lifestyle… what does balance mean to you?

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