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BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCHES (changing the world, one lunch at a time)….

Just days into the school year and I am already reminiscing about our perfect summer holidays.   Lazy days spent at the beach, eating and drinking with friends, fun times with the kids, making special memories.  

It has come to an end and I have mixed feelings: Mr. I does better with the routine school provides; Miss L is happy to see all her friends in the playground, and I am ready to get back into work.  But as so many of you know, the school lunch tedium also begins.

Some start the year with gusto, having recipes planned, the freezer full of baked goods and plenty of lunch box ideas.  I, on the other hand, have only just snapped out of holiday mode and beginning to think of ways to sustain, nourish and amuse the kids with what I pack. 

Here are a few of our homes favourites that tick the essential boxes:


SIP & CRUNCH:  I love this compulsory fruit break most schools encourage.  While some children are happy with their favourite piece of fruit every day, I like to take this as an opportunity for them to try new fruits and vegetables.  Some tactics include a different colour every day – choose a colour and let them decide which fruit or vegetable to take.  Try different shapes – Mr I only likes watermelon if it is in the shape of a star! Rainbow skewers are a hit in my house too – fruit on a stick seems more edible for some reason!

Remember to peel or cut any fruit that little fingers might struggle with.

SOMETHING SWEET:  Keep it homemade to avoid hidden nasties.  Pump up the nutrition by replacing white flour with wholemeal or spelt.  Sweeten with dates, honey, maple syrup, rice malt syrup or coconut sugar.  Use real butter, nut butter or coconut oil for healthy fats.  Choose from fruit loaves, muffins, cookies, bliss balls, slices.

PACK SOME PROTEIN:  Essential for growing bodies, protein will keep little tummies fuller for longer.  Favourites include meatballs, sausage rolls, quiche, chicken wraps, tuna rice paper rolls, turkey pinwheel rolls, zucchini slice, bean quesadilla’s, hummus and vegetable wraps.

HEALTHY SNACKS: Ideas for either lunches or afterschool snacks.  Popcorn, pretzels, pumpkin pancakes, boiled eggs, crackers with tuna/ hummus/ cheese, fruit leather, corn and cheese muffins, sushi.

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